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CWG/Watch Water is a leading manufacturer of medias, carbons and other GREEN products for the water treatment industry.  CWG/Watch Water has worked closely with our customers to understand their problems, explore possible solutions and then bring those solutions to life through our top of the line scientific and manufacturing capabilities.
Watch Dosing Softener
With Watch Dosing Softener you will totally eliminate the use of salt and the wasted water that comes along with backwashing, while still providing your home with a comfortably soft feeling water.
Titansorb (Arsenic Removal)
Titansorb is a titanium dioxide based granular media deigned for the removal of both Arsenic III and Arsenic V.
Used as an alternative to salt based softeners Filtersorb SP3 scale control media prevents the negative effects of calcium and magnesium while allowing the positive health benefits to remain.
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